Happy Birthday Mom on Pinterest

Happy Birthday Mom on Pinterest


Mom's Birthday! I wanted to tell you a lot of nice words, but now I can not pick one phrase that could express all the feelings of love and gratitude to your honor. Remember, Mom, that you most cheerful and wonderful person in the entire universe, because who, if not you could so preserve peace and sleep their families, to irradiate the light of his soul the whole world and bring joy to everyone around, you people? You're only worthy of happiness and joy, you are worthy of the best in my life! And yes you will have everything you desire. Let your dreams come true and dreams become reality.

Mom, when I look into your eyes, I think that I like you very much given in this life. You gave me the confidence and freedom. And when it was hard, you're always around me helped. That is why, today, your birthday, I wish you that you had too, was absolutely confident in excellent future. And let the luck accompanies all your endeavors. Remember, beloved mother - I love you and cherish you - and you most native people close to me. Happy Birthday!

Beloved, dear mother! I want to congratulate you today on his birthday and wish of true happiness! Let your life everything will be as you want it. Mom, you are worthy of the best in this life, because you gave me the most important thing - life! And you just helped me make the first steps in my life, and I am grateful to you, my favorite mom! And let your fate will reward you for all that you have done not only for me but for many others over the years. Health, wealth and love, dear!

None for us (me) warmer is better, nothing is solemn, nothing is dearer and more beautiful than your opinion, our (my) mom! Your birthday so desired! It irradiates light heart. Have you heard for the delight of melody magic flute birthday. Let the flowers bloom, today and always, and fill the air with delicate aroma. Let the singing of birds has been simmering! Let the whole vast world opens before you heat your magic!

Mom, you're my husband dearest. I hasten to congratulate your bright day. May this new year in your life, you will not bring bad weather and problems. Let your life become colorful as a rainbow.

I congratulate you happy birthday, Mamula. Let not thy misery about to approach, let happy days will last and last. Be happy and be beautiful.

I congratulate you, Mom's Birthday. I wish you happiness in life and bloom! I wish you never missed. I wish you did not hurt that all the time harnishala.

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