Birthday wish dear husband

Birthday wish dear husband


Dear, on the Day of our wedding!
Popular wisdom says that the first wealth in life - is health, and the second - his wife. Good wife - half happiness. There is no better friend than a true friend. With a good wife grief - grief half and joy - joy doubled. A good wife - husband no price. I congratulate you with this wonderful sweet wife!

When you met my father,
he was a man of strict, demanding and uncompromising to my fans, took time to think, and a few grueling days decided - this guy worthy of my daughter! In your anniversary birthday, my dear man, I'm immensely glad to welcome you, the one who not only made ??me happy, but also met the expectations of my loved ones! Be happy always - always and when the time comes to choose a man for our daughter, son-pluck the same good, as you!

I mean the entire universe of his unearthly love to you, my man!
I live for you, I breathe you, you occupy my life, because without you the world for me is impersonal and dull. Please also happy because your happiness is my happiness, because we are a unit.

Today, the anniversary of our family.
We are so zzhylysya each other, sometimes it seems that way and can not be. The words "we", "together" for us endowed with special meaning. Our union - is an indivisible whole, which can neither shake nor split. The whole point of infinite love and willingness to accept and understand their loved one any faith in him. I want to thank fate for you and you for the future!

My dear people!
Let this holiday to welcome you and our family with another anniversary of our wedding. We passed along the difficult path, but we have much to be proud of! Beautiful children, a comfortable home. I love you and every moment of our life together!

Today - the birthday of the one I love the most. Even more of your favorite and soap operas! More sweet and bitter.
So today birthday of my beloved husband. It is unfortunate that every day does not mean to say you like me dear and necessary. But today - on the right is your day, and all my love and affection - for you.
Once again I want to say that my husband - the most wonderful, my favorite people in this world. Once again, Happy Birthday to you, dear!

Dear, on the day of your birthday I wish you all 4 things:
1. To you I still loved. Yes, because who you are will prepare delicious borscht? !
2. To your favorite work you let go of his embrace us, your loved ones and friends.
3. To your health was just as strong as our love for you.
4. And that you always have enough wisdom to appreciate the joys of life those who have!

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