Happy birthday wishes woman

Happy birthday wishes woman


Welcoming you today - with great pleasure! - Happy Birthday, we must admit that you - the real gem of life for everyone - in their own special! For someone you friend, for another - a colleague, and someone particularly lucky - his wife, mother ... We welcome you and want to stay as happy as we know you today!

Love is known to be the main force in the world, and the woman - the perfect embodiment of love! We gladly welcome birthday today very nice, kind and talented woman! For her, all of us present at the festival - friends and loved ones, and I wish her ??many years of happiness and light! I also want to wish her always generously give love to those who took in her life special place!

You women make is subject to confusion in men's hearts and subdue them, and met the one who will win your heart - you're ready to devote himself to his family and it is - pure and noble deed that you can imagine! I am pleased to congratulate the birthday of a woman who day after day keeps the fire of his family, and thanks to her efforts and inspiration in building peace and comfort! I want to congratulate and wish her and her marriage even more happiness! And yet - to have always been an excuse for a good smile!

Birthday - a wonderful holiday, bright and cheerful, but with you - blamed for celebration - even more beautiful and more beautiful! I congratulate you with all my heart and wish you a happy birthday this open a new account dizzying round of your life! I wish you happiness and love, luck and prosperity! Keep always in your heart the warmth and feel free to follow your dreams!

Beauty may vary ... Sometimes it can be dressed in silk and sprinkle diamonds, but it will remain cold as ice, as Snow Queen ... I am Happy Birthday to a woman whose beauty heat and light, as she spring! Believe me, even the simplest dress, a little tired of the household chores - You are more beautiful than anyone! The beauty of your soul noticeable at first glance, you - the decoration of any society! I wish you a long and happy life, let your happiness will be as wonderful as you!

Today, your birthdays, I wish you happiness, but not just as bright as gems, warm, rays of spring sun and unlimited as clear skies! Please love and be loved, cherished desire to follow their usual, every day and every moment, remember that you - the Queen of his fate, happy ruler of his own small but beautiful kingdom!

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