Happy birthday love quotes for him

Happy birthday love quotes for him


Is the world friendship between a man and a woman! Declare it responsibly, because I have such a wonderful friend like (name)! I congratulate you happy birthday, I wish to be fun, healthy and sincere man, you're the best, even if the girl you meet is the same - the best!

You're a smart guy, you're a beautiful soul, You are a great companion and truest friend! I wish you a happy birthday! Wish all you want and more, even on your way there are no troubles, and the success and pursuing success at every turn! That you do not know what disappointment and knew only happiness!

Oh, if we remember how much we had during our friendship! Not enough words and fingers to enumerate and describe it. You, my friend, I am Happy birthday and wish only positive, good luck and success! You're worthy and strong man, and I'm sure you're all in this difficult life dob'yeshsya!

Today a great day, my best friend's birthday and I hasten to congratulate him on such a significant event. (Name), I am very glad that we are friends for many years and our friendship is tested not only for years, but deeds. Thank you that you are that you are not unique, but best friend! Good luck, happiness and all the best to you!

Happy Birthday! You are a great man - sensitive, kind, brave! I want you to remain so throughout their lives, and then Mrs. Luck be your faithful companion for many years, Her Majesty Love will always live in your heart, and her Highness Happiness never fail you!

Happy Birthday! I wish you did not know irreparable losses and reasonably correct outlook on life - so as to be always happy.

Hello! Today one of my friend's birthday, and if you do not know who it could be, bathroom mirror you a little hint! :) And wish this friend I want good health, success at work and in personal life, always remain the same fun and a good person. Happy you!

Every year I do the same thing - congratulate his friend on his birthday! It brings him joy, and I in turn am happy that I can give him a few kind words. You're a decent person and I believe that in life you everything goes as you wish, and I promise to help, if needed!

Spaniards like to wish your friends and family birthday good health, love big, beautiful women, and most importantly - longevity in time to enjoy it all. I wish you the same! Happy birthday, amigo!

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