Best birthday wishes to my dad

Best birthday wishes to my dad


Daddy dear!
75 is always the age of wisdom and peace. Everything in life was scheduled, was. Raised wonderful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren delight and is indeed in each of them you see a piece of the young and reckless. Live happily ever after for many years!

Our Daddy!
65 - a great date for those in love with life. We wish you, our dear hero of the day, the soul does not grow old, to create, to love, to dream. Fate was harsh with you, but appreciated your dedication stability in life, and rewarded you children, grandchildren and friends. 65 - a lot, that is wisdom, experience and fortitude. We wish you good health to you for a long time remained our support, we wish to fulfill all that is not embodied, let joy and light will be filled with your every day. A lot done, a lot dofstihnuto and let the event will be better dawn and the fall will be warm and bright.

Dear daddy!
Congratulations to you on the anniversary! You are very wise and good man, so shall thy wisdom always brightens the way people around you. We wish you always be in good health, the more that you love to play sports, so, many, many years thou young and strong. May you never be grief, and if they are, then those with which you can handle yourself. We all really love you and will always be there!

My dear Papa!
Today I hasten to congratulate you on such a glorious and meaningful date. You celebrates the sixty-fifth anniversary. This milestone victories, achievements, mistakes even when you can look back and summarize the traversed path. And I know that the way you covered adequately. You - a great family man and loyal friend. And now I would like to wish you the spirit of youth, life optimism, creative achievements and prosperity!

Dear, dear father,
thank you for being raised, trained, taught to go through life without fear of difficulties and obstacles. In your anniversary I drink for your health and want to stay in the same courageous, strong and vigorous, which you are now. Let the Year award is not gray, but wisdom and health. Happy anniversary, father!

My Dad!
Man so many years, how much he feels. So I congratulate you, daddy, 30 years! Stay in the 80 and 100, and in 125 the same, that thou - joyful, cheerful, healthy! I warmly welcome!

You now 3rd time turns 25.
And in this wonderful day, we want to congratulate you with all my heart and wish you to force your youth will never let you leave, and gray is not induced nostalgia! Happy Birthday!

Dear Dad!
I congratulate you on the golden anniversary - this beautiful, important date! There is still many years of creative solutions, discoveries, opportunities to achieve in life everything you could wish for to help you make a great experience, knowledge, as well as your commitment, efficiency, self-reliance. We wish you success and luck. You do and so it can cope with everything, so we wish you the road to the goal without interference. Be brave and noble, to be worthy of love and attention friends and relatives.

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