Birthday love wishes

Birthday love wishes


From school chemistry lessons we are well aware that, if you connect two specific element explosion happen ...! Once the real fireworks happened in our lives when we met, I will always remember that day! And today, the day you were born, I thank heaven for that they created you and brought us together! Let our love burns bright and hot, bringing us happiness sea, boundless as the ocean, and tender as a fresh breeze! Happy birthday, my ray of happiness!

You, my love, your birthday promise I could get a star from the sky, but I did not come out with the giant growth is modest and would like to give you today - the main place in my heart for a lifetime! I believe that if you will be such a valuable gift, you will become happier, because you always important to smile and laugh, enjoy life and do not be sad!

Someone I love mine! Since both met you, I lost count of time! A minute without you is painful to me like a month and an hour with you - like a flash! Probably me and eternity with you is not enough ... because in your birthday I wish you, among other things, more free time, you let it be as you wish, and let your every minute spent with me, or on what they want to be for you the most joyful and happy!

Find beloved - fortunately, find it very close friend - double happiness. From you I have no secrets, we talk about everything and can not nahovorytysya, we spend every possible moment together and just know each other better, and ahead of such plans ... We will commit them, I solemnly promise is in your Birthday! We will be happy, united family, we re-open the whole world and I'll carry you on their hands to our future! My love, I want you to always remain the same cheerful, kind and charming!

Favorite! On your birthday I wish you faith in miracles, in that your whole life will be serene and carefree! Smile, do not think about bad things often look at the night sky, looking for his lucky star, and she'll not just wink!

What you need for a happy life? Good weather outside, the bag of gold, interesting work? All this, I say frankly, unimportant in comparison with love! When there is love, as we do to you, do not need much more than keep these feelings take through time ... Everything else must be added, because love works wonders! I wish you a happy birthday and again confess his love, I never tire of talking about it! And now that we have love, it is time to purchase something else ... so I wish you good mood every day more and good luck!

(Name of the Lord) You are my sunshine clear! You - Girl from a fairy tale! Let the stars shine in your eyes, let the happiness you do not leave! I wish in your heart is not settled sadness! To your daily life has brought happiness in your hands! I congratulate you on your Birthday!

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