Grandfather birthday card

Grandfather birthday card


My dear, glorious grandfather, you are my very dear! Happy Birthday to you, my good! How I love your sunny smile, love your wrinkled hands that I rode as a child and were making toys. You were and remain one of the most expensive and favorite for me people.

Happy Birthday, my precious husband, grandfather favorite! It is impossible to overestimate your contribution to my education. I will always appreciate you and your care. Thank you for everything! Let you accompanies great happiness and success! I am happy that I have a grandfather! I will always be proud of you!

Inspired welcome very young and beautiful and brilliant and mischievous grandfather in the world! Happy Birthday! I wish you, Grandpa, the most fashionable suits you to be young, attractive and fun. Let your entertainment is never boring.

On the birthday wish you, grandfather to all our family headed by you has always been with the same strong and friendly. To no adversity could not destroy it! May you always be valuable, like, let you always surround with care, respect and reverence!

Happy birth, my grandfather is the best! You're the only one I have, I'm just sure of that. No more happy grandson in the world than I do, because I have a grandfather. You know me as a man for man, and not man nearer and dearer you. Thank you that I have. I really appreciate your understanding and our friendship.

My caring, affectionate grandfather, welcomes you with grandson birthday! I am very grateful to you for your love and friendship! I wish that this friendship never ended, but matured and grown for many years. To always we find themes for intimate conversations and well spent time.

Dear, precious, dear, very good, good, sweet grandpa's Birthday! I wish you a colorful and promising life, interesting trips, new acquaintances. Let fate bring you their gifts, incredible discoveries and good events. I love you very much!

On the birthday of grandson wants to wish all my heart dear grandfather, that you always had the same battle, strong-willed and always reached their goals! To thee it was not impossible and unreal! Let life full of surprises and wonders. Huge you happiness!

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