Funny Happy Birthday

Funny Happy Birthday


I congratulate you and wish you the main thing - wish fulfillment! Because when a man is what he wanted - he jolly, cheerful, healthy! Happy Birthday!

We wish you health steadfast hundred years of life, share a pack, a new wheelbarrow, a large house and money to boot!

I wish you and presentations climaxes, Mercedes and delicacies buzz and excellent life!

So much is live! .. I mean: many do not live in constant joy, happiness, prosperity ... The man who has it deserves only one - congratulations!

Birthday I wish you the rain of diamonds, bath with champagne and golden man. Be happy for who but you deserve it. With the holidays.

Going car, the driver holds the steering wheel firmly where necessary - return where necessary - going straight, which will overtake where slow down. We wish our birthday, so he also firmly held the reins of his life in his hands. Where should - accelerated where impeded, and they carry the cornering, not to fly into a ditch and that the engine and other units worked reliably!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the day you were born! On this day, I wish you if the sun is bright, if heaven is blue if the wind is fair, if the rain, then the mushroom when the snow is fluffy, if love is true, if the friendship is strong, if health, athletic, if the work is interesting, if leisure is a success! Let your life be brilliant, bright, wonderful!

I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you happiness, health, success, joy and hope in the work, home and family. I wish Prince the car with the flat of giving and dressed to take on hands free coffee in the bedroom filed!

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