Happy birthday wishes to wife from husband

Happy birthday wishes to wife from husband


I wish you always had good spirits and smiled, and I admire thy smile!

That's how you live - you live with someone in the same city, walking along one of the streets, looking at the same billboards, and absolutely no idea what is your judgment, your half, your sole and whose voice will complement yours and whose you will continue to move. Happy Birthday to you, my light, my song!

Sweet, affectionate, gentle, caring and most beautiful wife in the world! Your loving husband wishes you a happy birthday! Honey, I want you to always delighted me with his smile! I promise you will not grieve and do everything that you were happy!

His favorite-woman, I want to greet. Thank you for what you are, for your warmth, kindness and concern for all our family. On this day, we wish you to remain as beautiful, intelligent, cheerful. Let all your desires come true. Happy birthday, dear!

Dear wife, greet you a Happy Birthday! You always remain young, beautiful, charming and, of course, loved! I wish you never felt a lack of compliments because you're worth listening to them every day!

Favorite my precious, the best wife in the world! I wish you a happy birthday! This day many years ago was not just a holiday for you and your parents, but also for me. Though I still had no idea that this day was born about my "half". I love you and want us to always be together!

Favorite Young Lady congratulate on the holiday. Let your eyes still shine, shine smile face. I wish to be as young, beautiful, elegant, charming. You fill our house cozy and warm, always attentive and caring to everyone. You are my queen, my star!

My wife is my favorite, the only one in this festive day I want to congratulate you. I wish to remain the same fluttering, radiant, youthful. Let your girlfriend jealous figure, charm and sophistication. Without you I depressed and sad, you, like air, like water I need. All flowers and Zlata just for you!

I want to always see you with a smile, in love with life and happy! Let your eyes shine with joy, and soul sounds enchanting music of happiness!

Each family has its own purpose. A woman is the guardian of the beginning. It keeps comfort, relationships, love it Congratulations for wife Happy Birthday preserves and protects the foundations on which the foundation of the family. I congratulate you, my keeper, I am happy that I have you, the fire of our family is in good hands!

My greatest achievement in life - this is the only and beloved wife!
We have many happy experiences shared experiences and life situations, they made ??us more and more akin to one another. This emotional closeness brings understanding and smoothing relations between us, people from different planets - the mountain of muscle and muscle men are from Mars and strong in his weakness women from Venus.

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