Birthday wishes from grandmother to granddaughter

Birthday wishes from grandmother to granddaughter


Dear Grandma! Happy Birthday! Congratulate you gathered the whole family, all family and friends. Because it is you - the Sun, from which you want to gain heat. And for me, you also mentor and example. All that I can, I taught you. Thank you for this! Good to you and good health!

Happy Birthday to my grandmother! Your grandson brought you the kindest wishes warmly! Lovely granny, thou shalt let us most beloved and adored, the most priceless and fragile to keep you all and appreciated. Let you always sunshine, let the soul will always spring and accompanies unrestrained happiness.

Road grandmother wishes Sincerely grandson on his birthday! I wish you all, just what your soul wants. Be steadfast and immovable. I love you, Granny. Let your life there are a variety of events, let you will always and in all successful and happy. I wish you happiness and love. I wish you to live their years in full bloom forces you to be strong and durable.

His beloved mother and grandmother granddaughter birthday wishes loving men around: a son, grandson, son, man. Have always surrounds you good atmosphere, harmony and understanding. May you live a fun and easy. No disease may not come to your house. You excellent health, vitality, strength.

On birthday, favorite grandma! Have you ever not leave your head, let your wings will always be straightened and proudly flying in the wind. I wish you adventure experiences, good mood, all that is rich in this life. May you never missed. And that even in retirement you worked things you love.

I congratulate you, I love my grandma! On your birthday I wish you good health, joy in each new day and that gave everyone around you is only good and kindness in response to your love. You - the best! Kiss, your grandson.

My grandmother is my favorite! I congratulate you on this holiday - the Day You Were Born! Thank you for choosing to indulge me a gift, help with homework and always finds time for me! I wish you always feel young: and soul and body!

Dear Grandma, heartily congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you to be always the same bright and loving woman that I know you! Be active, cheerful and fun. And delight us all his laughter for many - many years!

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