Happy birthday sweetheart wishes

Happy birthday sweetheart wishes


Beloved is mine. I am trembling in my heart I want to wish you: God forbid you good health, let your fire lies only peace, warmed with happiness, joy, love! And I want you to bow to present these beautiful roses.

With all my heart, with great excitement, I'm Happy birthday from wonderful holiday you, my dear wife. Is it possible to find the best for you in the world, I did not even try to do it, because I know that you are beautiful and unique.

If you were born in the Sahara rained out of the Pacific Ocean coast, northern began to melt glaciers. And all because of the crazy nature of your beauty. Happy Birthday!

If I say that you are beautiful, you confounded. Say: "Cute!" Thou shalt deny. Say: "mistress!" You smile. And all because you and all those you know. So I just want to give you flowers and sweet kiss! Happy Birthday!

I wish you to this festive day was sunny and beautiful, and let your path be strewn with roses. I wish every night just for you lit bright stars in the sky and that you never know sadness. Happy birthday, darling.

Honey, today is your birthday, but outside rain. You do not worry, just sky was crying because ... years ago it lost a Anhelochka like you! Happy Birthday!

Today I have the most joyous day of the year! This day you was born, my mother! I am grateful to this day because I know what happiness is, I know what it means to love, to be happy even with a short meeting with you and grieve when you are not around! I am grateful for the fact that we are together and I am sure that many shall strive, if thou be near. Happy birthday, darling!

Beloved, my dear wife. Be always cheerful and energetic for and concerns. Let this day will be the most shining day of your life. I want to share with you a good mood and happiness and give you your favorite flowers.

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