Birthday wishes for kids from mom

Birthday wishes for kids from mom


Our road, Mom. On this bright sunny day, we want to congratulate you with the best holiday on earth, happy you were born. I want to tell you that we love you all heart and soul. After all, you're the only and unique. You're very sweet and beautiful, very good and fair. Thank you, Mother - for your kindness, for warmth, for love, affection, care about us. We wholeheartedly wish you health, peace of mind, and of patience for another year ... to your next birthday. Happy Birthday to our favorite mom!

Pretty mommy! Your gentle and kind hands we were at first, then taught to write, and then kept showing us the right way. Sometimes we do not obeyed and did everything in his own way, you are afflicted and helped us in any situation. Mom, you are always in our minds wherever we go. Today is your anniversary, and we see that you're a little sad, but it is useless. The anniversary - a great occasion -many many times you say thank you, hug you and say "you're the best mom in the world!" Be happy and stay always the same young and beautiful, but we will try just to please you! Happy anniversary, Mom!

Most native and light man in my life, I want to sincerely wish good infinite, eternal happiness, good health. Please accept my congratulations and declarations of love, on this solemn day in your life. Any happiest!

The word "mother" in everyone's life first, favorite, most importantly, it is crucial! Without a mother, her love, care, support and understanding can not cope any living creature around the globe! This word and way of worship, praise and adore him! Thank you dear, for the warmth of your hands, the breadth of mind and a loving heart, for Your infinite and selfless love, sleepless nights and happy days! Shall keep thee, gives harmony, health and happiness! Happy Birthday!

Mom! Please accept my sincere and warm greetings from your loving son! Mom, I know you're always next to me, and I can always turn to you for help and advice. I am glad that you are in me and sincerely wish you good mood, great success in all your affairs, eternal youth and beauty! Be always happy!

Mom, sometimes so hard to find the words to tell you how much you are to me. Thank you for the love and care, I really love you. You're the best mom in the world.
Happy Birthday!

Miles my mum! Let your every day be warmed by warm words and filled with joy, love and care! You really need us and happy moments and sad moments. We always feel your presence in any circumstances and it is expensive! We want you to always been healthy, happy, and if you look zatumanyt tear, only that it was tears of joy! Happy your birthday!

The most important person in everyone's life! Mom ... This word so much love, understanding, patience, respect, wisdom and dedication! Thank you, dear, for my life, which thou has given, and for his - and given that dedicated, fully!

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