happy birthday to a beautiful woman

happy birthday to a beautiful woman


Please accept our warmest congratulations on his birthday!
Let accumulated experience and wisdom will help you reach new heights!
Let your innermost desires come true, continue the good things in your life and prymnozhatsya moments of joy, love and optimism.
We wish good luck, success and inspiration were faithful companion in all your endeavors, and health and well-being - in everyday life.
Perseverance and patience in dealing with daily tasks!


Happy Birthday! May this festive season be filled with happy moments and luxury gifts, because you really are worth it. We wish you happiness, love, family welfare, prosperity soared to career and luck for all your endeavors.

Happy Birthday and welcome to a special thrill in my heart I wish you health, cheerful mood, smile from fortune and a happy family life!

Let this day be the happiest and fun in your life! Birthday we wish you all the best, the fulfillment of desires, surprises and amazing discoveries!

Let your way on this day will be strewn with beautiful flowers and the sky will shine bright sun, which can only dampen your exceptional beauty. Happy Birthday! Let this day be a wonderful, filled with happiness and laughter avid!

Another year - another birthday! Time is running steadily forward, and you become every year more and more beautiful and more beautiful bloom like a flower after rain. Happy birthday and wish you happiness, success and good luck!

Flowers, chocolates and gifts may surround this day, and all the troubles and sorrows leave you and perish in the shade! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! We wish this day culprit celebration of family well-being, happiness, good luck and excellent mood. Let it all just good accompany you for life!

Happy Birthday! Let sorrow comes, and the joy and happiness rule mark on this day! Let it will be wonderful and unforgettable! We wish you much happiness, good health, dreams and financial well-being!

Birthday we wish to happiness filled the cup of your life, and that she never empty! All very good in this momentous date! Love, luck and happiness!

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