Mom birthday poems from son

Mom birthday poems from son


Mom, loved, dear! Thank you for your mother's love. Thank you for having us and brought up nights not fill up. Live longer, old without knowing we love every day you stronger!

Dear mother. Stay beautiful and healthy, set aside all his affairs. Let the men at the meeting shouted "What woman was!" Be cheerful and happy and beautiful - like now. Let the luck accompanies every day and every hour.

Mom, I'm very happy to greet you with a wonderful holiday - Happy Birthday! I wish you good health, lots of attention from children and grandchildren, respect for colleagues and neighbors. I wish you many exciting events to life was bright to you was never bored. Let all that you plant in the garden - full flower bloomed and gave fruit. Let accomplished what you dream!

Native dear Mamus welcome the holiday. Let your every new day is beautiful and unique, even the most expensive surround your heart people. We wish to remain as beautiful, youthful, fun, active. You're the best in the world, we love you too.

Mom, in your holiday I wish that every day that you love and care gave your loved ones was another decade of your very long and happy life. Please always affectionate, gentle, loved, beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Lovely Mamus welcome you happy birthday! I sincerely wish all the very good and light! We want you to be less work and more rest to you dedicating a longer afford, their well-being and health! You always worked a lot at home and at work, and is not sitting idle. We appreciate your help, your care, willingness to listen and give wise counsel. For us - children and grandchildren - you, Mom, just a light in the window! We wish you many, many years of life, because we all love you too!

Dear Mom, I'm your birthday I wish you the most important - health and longevity! Me and my whole family is like to visit you at a party because you're always friendly, hospitable, always strive to treat us with something tasty. Today I want to thank you for everything you did for us and doing: thanks for the love, care, support and understanding! You're the best mom in the world - and I love you very much!

Dear mother! Congratulations to you happy birthday! We love you too. You give us your heat source you all the best for us. Stay young, beautiful, healthy and cheerful!

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