Birthday greetings grandma sms

Birthday greetings grandma sms


Grandma, you keep our family tradition and know from the cradle each of us, want you, love, always able to instantly take off on any floor, answer passer "mistaken me for twenty-five years more "! Never touch the Tonometer.

Congratulations honorary title grandma!
Let the kid vtilyatsya all your fondest wish! Let it all grows native in great joy!

Dear grandmother!
Any anniversary - a little sad because going intervening years, they never return. But if it comes from knowingly and lived honestly, you never want them to regret! We wish you to stay so that you are! We all love you too!

Grandmother dear, my congratulations to you in such a wonderful holiday as your anniversary. I wish only happiness were tears in the eyes of sincere and warm wishes, friendly attitudes of family and friends, gratitude, kindness and tenderness close!

My good and dear grandmother, I congratulate you on the anniversary! Your smile in this wonderful day will be the most dazzling and expensive for me! Your caring hands will be the most tender and gentle, because they will always remind me of happy childhood spent near you!
I wish you very long and dark years of our lives!

Grandma, at any time of the year you warm my heart affection, tenderness and love. I do not know these words, which would express the happiness, safety and care, which I have since childhood. You're dear to me! I can just say that you - very close, dear, dear person to me. With all my heart I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish you a good mood, good health, warmth and comfort to any home and always so cheerful. You favorite for me, my grandma!

'80 Our beloved grandmother!
In this wonderful holiday with sincere wishes of happiness, joy and health! Consistently well-being, an endless stream of prosperity, long life, full of happy minutes!

Mother, my grandmother, how warm and kind words I heard from you in my life and how easily follow your advice, fighting for his innocence. I wish you grandmother, great happiness in life, as the years passed - you just newlyweds.

Grandma's Birthday!
You - my constant companion since birth. I remember the warmth and tenderness of those moments that we spent together. You were my teachers and assistant and girlfriend. Health to you, Grandma. Take care of yourself. And then there is still a lot of years we will give each other the joy of communication.

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