Greetings happy birthday man

Greetings happy birthday man


My beloved, my good and very, very expensive, today you have become a year older, and therefore - wiser! I want you to just gave you years of experience, knowledge, wealth and instead took nothing! Love!

I mean the entire universe of his unearthly love!
I live for you, I breathe you, you occupy my life, because without you the world for me is impersonal and dull. Please also happy because your happiness is my happiness, because we are a unit.

There was a time when we were not familiar to me alone, it was empty. But you appeared on the horizon, and immediately everything changed. You also received changed my life boring gray. Osyayav his wonderful light. Let your eyes like the stars for me always shine brightly! Happy birthday darling!

You dear, most desirable, most beloved, the most dear! Always: now and in the future, you're my one and only! My passion and love for you grows every day spent together! Happy birthday, my god!

My only and favorite! I warmly congratulate you on this wonderful holiday! I thank the Almighty for the meeting by the April (January, February and so on) day after the bustle of me you could not notice. But our eyes met and have never parted ever. Thank you for what you are to me!

Favorite! On your birthday I want to give you these kind words: I love you more and more! You become a year older and my love was more! I will always be next to you, in any situation and at any time! Happy birthday, darling!

I loved you with anything in life is not terrible, together we will be able to overcome any way, because man does not find a safer world. Your hot loving heart can save all ills and troubles. Thank you for your loyalty and devotion, I love you very strongly.

Beloved, dear, dear! I wish you happiness many, many! Love me wish a huge, clear as spring water! And that always your eyes - glowed with happiness!

Let your life will be wonderful as flowing river in the spring. And your wisdom helps you solve the most complex and difficult task. Live well and fun, love passionately and selflessly as only for this life we given. Happy Birthday!

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