Birthday wishes for beloved husband

Birthday wishes for beloved husband


The sheet calendar marked the best day - the birthday of my beloved. You, my beloved and only sometimes sleepy and as jealous, just woke up, and I hasten to remind you to embrace and what day! We need to lay the table, to receive visitors, fun gifts and disassemble ... But first hear what I want! Please always the same sweet and gentle like now, we meet every day with a smile and not be sad, find time for each case conceived and do it with enthusiasm! I love you, and again - Happy Birthday!

Once I met him ... he was strong and opinionated, proudly walked his way ... but I was able to tame that great, but still good-natured predator! Because of love no escape, no escape ... Today we celebrate the birthday of my beloved, it is the home of the tiger! Stay tame and gentle, but keep and its power, tyranny and little hyzhosti, whether true king of the concrete jungle and his fate!

Our life is fleeting, but every day from you to me full of strange feeling that I just met you, and I do a little of your attention and views, which I read more than you can say ... In your birthday I give you not only something desirable in a beautiful box with a big bow, but that still belonged only to me - my heart, my destiny ... Now all is in your hands, and I wish you dispose of this right, in its sole discretion; I hope and wish is that my love will help you accomplish most cherished wish and be much happier!

Today we celebrate your first birthday together ... and I think I'm on the best festival in the world! At its head - you, now all the guests welcome and wish you much good, let it come true! And then, when all disperse to their homes, I embrace you and confess his love and repeat what they want is for you ... Let the sun shines every day, the stars and the moon! Have you always for watching your guardian angel and protects, helps and takes all desire!

My beloved! On your birthday I wish first of all, remind your dignity, which you, of course, very much and I will refer to only a small part ... You're kind and considerate ... forgive me ladies weakness and not laugh, I'm afraid mice. You're careful and patient, we will not quarrel over trifles, and you're always ready to take on their strong men shoulder the lion's share of all the hassle. You love me, and for me the most happiness - to reciprocate! I congratulate you on holiday, I wish you to be always and everywhere the first and the best, genuinely laugh and do not be sad - and life will be wonderful!

What a wonderful holiday - Birthday! A lovely drive to please a loved good food, presents and, in addition, the whole day to spend together! I road with you every minute, and now I have a treasure! Let's have some fun together well and happy to take guests listen to greetings and wishes for you, my beloved, let this day be one of those happy days, which a year must be 364 ... or 365! Be happy, my only man! Take handfuls of life that rightly belongs to you - good luck, health and love your friends and the only woman - me!

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