Birthday wishes for girls

Birthday wishes for girls


On your birthday I would like to tell you all that I think about you! You're beautiful, smart, funny and cheerful. If you are shortcomings, they pale against the background of all virtues. Such as you have nothing! Be happy always! Happy Birthday!

You always gives warmth to all others. Today, all this heat completely returns to you! Thousand times a day you hear how you are beautiful and smart! I will not repeat, and just say, "Happy birthday, dear!"

At last, you will receive everything that is worthy: the sea flowers, beautiful gifts and the great number of compliments, meeting with friends and excellent mood! So yes it will all be present every day, not just in birthday. Congratulations to you!

Sweetheart. I congratulate you on your Birthday. Remain the same upbeat, charming, cheerful, beautiful girl, which is always a good time. Let it always you will be fine - you're worth it!

Hi my kitty! Congratulations you are! I want to first tell you - happy birthday! I wish your face never hmurylos, because you go so smile! May you be likely to aspire to!

I welcome the most beautiful, the most coveted girl in the world on his birthday! I wish you a merry mood, wonderful friends, brightest events in life. I really want to see you be happy!

Happy Birthday! Let cheerful company of friends and girlfriends will give you a real treat, to have enough memories to the next birthday. I wish you good gifts and positive emotions.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy holidays, cool company, cool gifts and good cheer. Let nothing interfere with your holiday, as it is only once a year. I want to have fun in an adult!

Happy birthday welcome most beautiful girl - beautiful. Let irradiated sun days, butterflies fluttering around. You - the ideal of female beauty: slim, intelligent, devout, although sometimes there are very eloquent. Happiness, love and incense!

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