Birthday words for a girl

Birthday words for a girl


Good, good girl congratulations on holiday. We wish you love in your personal life, career, workplace and success in all endeavors. Does the same attractive, feminine, charming, gentle and fun. All flowers and gifts just in your honor. Happy Birthday!

Lovely, always beautiful, beautiful young girl greet the holiday. You like a star, charming, fragrant. You can only admire, you're gorgeous! Intelligent, gentle, charming. Let everyone lived day you will feel comfortable. Millions of roses you thousands of mimosa ...

Hello, my dear, Happy Birthday! Let your heart on this day will be filled with happiness and the soul - a great mood!

Happy Birthday, my little! I wish you all the very bright, very best and beautiful that just might wish in life! I love you very much.

Happy Birthday congratulate you, my princess! You're the best, bright and beautiful thing in this world! Meanwhile, the Queen is not resigned nor gave them to you, we skorotayemo this time by eating your beloved sweets, my sweet tooth.

The sun illuminates the sky, and you illuminate the earth for its dazzling beauty. Happy Birthday, the most beautiful girl of the planet!

Fun, joy and smiles! Sparks of champagne clink of glasses and toast impressive! All this for you in your birthday, my wonderful girl! I congratulate you with all my heart!

You know, looking at you, I doubt that it rightfully belongs to Aphrodite the goddess of beauty title. You just charming, stay always so stunning beautiful! Happy Birthday, dear!

I congratulate you, my Angel, Happy Birthday!

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