Happy birthday greeting boss

Happy birthday greeting boss


Enterprise ... Congratulations ... (name of company) the establishment and presentation, and its director ... of appointment to this important post. We discovered ... the more joy we look forward to a long-term and successful cooperation with your company, sincerely trying all possible ways to promote it. Director General ... that is out of session ... asked me to ... (name of company) Warm greetings from the leadership of the company - and, of course, myself.
After that the company owns nice work, making the property compatriots Local fruits of labor. All sorts of you success in this worthy and hard, beautiful and thorny career! From all the staff ... deputy. Director General.

Today, welcoming our wonderful leader, I want to note that, thanks to you, our company successfully developed! Your plans and ideas are the engine of progress of our team! We hope that in the future we will win more new horizons, beating rivals and delight our customers! You good health, happiness and prosperity!

_________________ Dear!
For the past __ years as you are heading ____________. Those years flew by and somehow familiar, but only to good get used quickly. You managed to rally the team, professionally subordinate to a common goal and achieve tangible results. A great man thanks you for your talent manager.
Health to you, your family, optimistic energy for many years to come, that everything that you are coming, bring you only positive emotions and faith in the future.
Happy Birthday!

Dear our head, we congratulate you on your birthday! We want that day you once again rated how much you have already achieved! We wish you well as hard and fast to go to the new goals and want you to know that can always count on our support!

Hello dear head from birth day. We wish to be as strong, bold, confident in cases vigorous and active in sports, fun, energetic vacation. Have the home you always surround with care and attention. We love you, appreciate, respect. Happy!

Dear boss birthday wish to wish happiness, luck, optimism, respect. Peace, prosperity, great deals, long-term partnerships. Love, kindness, care - at home, new experiences, breakthroughs in delight. We appreciate you!

Our dear leader! Today we sincerely want to congratulate you on your anniversary! It should be noted that for all of us, you are not only a talented director, but also an interesting conversationalist, a friend who is able to support in difficult times and truly enjoy our successes. We do want your every word and every your valuable advice! You managed to rally our team, in which each of us is with great pleasure and good mood!
I sincerely wish you good health, long life, prosperity and good spirits! Let your plans be fulfilled, and ye are sure we will make every effort to always translated your ideas to life!

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