Happy birthday dad we love you

Happy birthday dad we love you


Happy Birthday, Dad! Let today be one of the happiest of your life! I wish you success in work, good health and great success! And happiness, love and care you are always ready to give your family and loved ones!

I wish you health, success at work and more free time to be able to spend it with me! Great mood in the evenings, happiness and cheerful smiles you, Dad!

Dad, you are the strongest and kindest people on the set of all the people I know. You are always an example for me and you always have a lot to learn. And all good in this life, that I can thank you, I will try to teach their children. Today I wish you good, joy, warmth, happiness, light and bright days, luck and, of course, happiness. Happy Birthday!

Dad's Birthday! Today, so much I want to say to you, many thanks for the - for the wonderful days and moments spent along with you for your concern and affection for rigor and understanding. I wish you great joy, happy fate, but the good news and excellent health. I love you!

Today is the birthday of remarkable man, my father, in a real man! I congratulate you, my father, on this holiday and wish dreams, joy, attention loved ones and happiness! You're worthy of being happy, I am proud of you!

Dad! Remember as a child you sometimes scolded me and put in the corner, not allowed to eat a lot of sweets and watch TV for a long time ... Now I realize that it was all good for me! I love you very much! Happy Birthday!

My dear father! Today, on this beautiful day in this wonderful moment, accept the best wishes - prosperity, wealth, good luck, success, longevity and tremendous happiness. Let all your plans are implemented and dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, today a wonderful occasion to tell you the kindest words and proclaim the good toast to your honor! I hasten to congratulate you and wish you beautiful and bright days, in all stability, success and excellent mood. Happy Birthday, Dad, let fate brings you gifts as often as possible!

My dear dad. I wish you in your birthday good health, inexhaustible optimism, which you have learned in life. May each day bring you joy and satisfaction. Happy Birthday, my dear man!

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