Birthday greetings to love

Birthday greetings to love


Your intuition and charm, makes you special. You have a lot of other great qualities. Take care of it all. Stay always the same natural man! Let life circumstances are formed so that this list only replenished.

Happy birthday, my love! I wish you great happiness, indulgence by Mrs. Good luck and success in career and home affairs;

Though you and today was one year older, but I still love you! Happy birthday darling!

Always Love and be loved! Let this bright and high feeling you never deceives! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, darling, be always happy and healthy! I am happy to share a good mood, happiness and give your favorite flowers!

Hello, darling! Happy birthday, my sun! I hope you have fun celebrating, accept gifts! Leave a little drop of positivity and love for me, I will soon ?.

With the first rays of sun, I want to congratulate you with Happy Birthday. The warmest and gentle words osyayaty your heart, bring a smile of happiness on your beautiful face. Congratulations I love you! Do not subject your years of grace and beauty, in fact, every day, with every moment you become all the more beautiful. I want to give you the whole world, so he was always at your feet. I want to give you a star, so they covered your way, not allowing to draw paths with success. I want to give you my heart, that it was always close to you. Today is your day, now you're the queen, who is subject to it. Happy, cute!


My favorite, kind, gentle, I bring to your feet all the flowers in the world, and they smell, giving joy and pleasure! Fire in the night sky myriad stars and give you the most beautiful!
Any bright as the sun, swift as the wind, compliant as water, soft as a cloud! Let your honor rainbow flashes and hundreds of cicadas sing you to understand - how beautiful and perfect the world around you! Be happy, wise and always loved! Never despair and remember that the best - come! Happy birthday darling!

Birthday - a great excuse to say the words that come from the heart. So now with all of my heart I declare that I'm just happy that you are in the world! You managed to decorate my life, make it comfortable and happy. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for what is done. I believe that we will have many wonderful years of marriage. I love you!

Sun! The only way I want to call you, because of you warm and cozy, relaxed and happy. Happy Birthday to you! And the birth of the sun - a rise, this star magic ... This unique colors ... This Rosinka, trembling on the grass and leaves ... This selfless chirping of birds, mind-numbing fragrance of flowers, breathing the cool breeze ... This whole world! And thanks to your birth, the sun.

Darling-woman welcome the holiday. May still shine your eyes and face always shine your smile. I wish to be as young, beautiful, elegant, charming. You fill our house cozy and warm, always attentive and caring to everyone. You are my queen, my star!

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