Birthday greetings for dad from daughter

Birthday greetings for dad from daughter


I know how old tale ending! Beautiful prince takes away the beauty of their kingdom and they live happily ever after ... Many years ago, my father met my mother in his arms and carried her to a new life in their own kingdom, that is to our family! I know that none of the princes not compare with my dad in the goodness and generosity, the courage and wisdom! Dear Dad! Happy Birthday! Live happily and let your life be better than any fairy tale!

Today I welcome his father, his birthday - an important and solemn day, the night before that I always can not sleep, because I want to come up with suggestions better and more beautiful for those who most expensive in the world! But I know that I should not tell my father all understand, because he knows I love him and is willing to not only his birthday, and indeed every day to wish him luck, health, good luck and many years! Happy Birthday, Dad!

On the question of what our beautiful Dad, the whole family only - our dad all good! He does not speak in vain, his words are always true, and board - priceless. He was not abusing pets and always ready to help. He is kind, intelligent ... in a word - it is better for everyone! And his birthday we would like to wish the same fate treated him in a special way, gave him generously for many years of happiness, good health and good luck for every thing!

Happy birthday, dear father! Fullest, loved and dear man - is you! And you for me - the best friend and counselor! On your birthday, I want to wish you so much! Good health, good mood, inspiration and new plans, dreams, true friends, and other things that together could make your fortune!

My good dad! You have today is a special day - the day of your birth. And let this day everything will be the same as usual, just a little better - a bit brighter you shine the sun, a little more than bystanders let you smile a little brighter sky over your head. And I wish you the most important - to keep our family happiness, cherish and protect it. For all of us it is the most valuable. Let the Universe help you make all your plans, and protects you from the misfortunes that can occur in everyday life. And we will always be close to you, will help you and support in all your affairs. I love you, Dad!

Dear dad. Stay always kind, loving and dedicated father! I want to achieve dreams, family happiness, cozy winter evenings and bright summer sunsets! Be cheerful, smart and patient! Stripped away the heavy thoughts and attract luck! Happy Birthday to you, Dad!

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