Say happy birthday to a friend

Say happy birthday to a friend


Girlfriend, greet you a happy birthday and wish you find subtle psychologist ... with a thick wallet! But I beg you, do not rush hung on his neck! Purse course lies elsewhere. Total-all the best to you!

You know that not only the birthday, but also in any other day, I wish you only a pure heart and a sincere Only the most beautiful and cheerful! Love, bright, unforgettable meetings, true friends, festive mood, the fulfillment of desires and creative achievements!
Happy Birthday!

(Name of the Lord), I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you a long and happy life! May you always and everywhere was beautiful! At work a success, but at home - joy and laughter! Let forgotten all the troubles and dreams - fulfilled!

Girlfriend! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you happiness as the stars in the sky, cheerful mood rainbow! May you always so cool, fashionable and original!

(Name)! I congratulate you on your Birthday! May our good friendship will remain forever! I wish you radiant sun, the sky clear and clean, good health, and mutual love and happy!

Mother you are my friend, I want you to wish that you met such a passionate love like in Indian films. Health you wish Siberian and Caucasian longevity. Let always with you in life are love, health, happiness and dreams.

(Name)! You're such a good day and happy! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations! I wish you much happiness, and especially - happiness in love! Let you bloom of health! May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to you!

Lovely girlfriend. I hasten to congratulate you with Happy Birthday, I wish you happiness, mood, success, vitality, good luck, good health to boot. Live flowers, as Poppy Field,
without knowing the grief and misery!

Today at this solemn day, birthday wish good health and live not old. Let woes to rap you never in your happy home. Please always fun and a great optimist, and with the mood I wish to live a hundred years.

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