Happy birthday wishes for wife

Happy birthday wishes for wife


Darling, my wife, my dear that's half passed quickly, I am so happy that sometimes I feel at ease from the fact that next to me, you're my charm. Let the sun shine just before us and only us beautiful flowers bloom.

Favorite! I congratulate you happy birthday. I can not speak beautifully, but I know how to love. I will not give you half the world and the west. But I give you my love. All these years I constantly thank fate for what she sent me to marry you, a gentle, intelligent, beautiful, wise and patient. I thank you my love, that you tolerate me next to you, such opposite and grouchy. But that I love you no less. Happy birthday, dear. Be happy, and I'll try to do it all.

Dear wife, greet you a Happy Birthday! You always remain young, beautiful, charming and, of course, loved! I wish you never felt a lack of compliments because you're worth listening to them every day!

Favorite my precious, the best wife in the world! I wish you a happy birthday! This day many years ago was not just a holiday for you and your parents, but also for me. Though I still had no idea that this day was born about my "half". I love you and want us to always be together!

Sun you my darling, you are beautiful even at 50. You to me are still beautiful, of which the whole world is not found. Very good, nice, tender you became my destiny forever. I wish you loads of health, let your dreams come true all.

Sun! I congratulate you happy birthday!
I very much love, but! I am firmly convinced that the house should be one boss! ...
and one hostess!

I welcome my beloved wife a Happy Birthday! Honey, you're the most amazing woman I've ever met! I'm glad I spent all those years -plich side with you! I wish you always had good spirits and smiled, and I admire thy smile!

Yeah - well, here we go live - you live with someone in the same city, walking along one of the streets, looking at the same billboards, and absolutely no idea what is your judgment, your half, your sole and whose complement your voice and whose movement you continue. Happy Birthday to you, my light, my song!

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