Find best Birthday SMS for Father

Find best Birthday SMS for Father


Daddy, we hardly waited for the morning, so we want to congratulate you happy birthday! Have you always eyes shine with joy and love, and may you always be near those who are dear to you. We wish you happiness, health and success in everything.

Dear dad. Let me congratulate you on the day you were born. May it bring you good mood, joy, warm at heart. I wish you all the very good light to work in fate. I wish to be always on the rise, to be on the rise. Never get sick, grow old no soul to ninety, and if possible, to one hundred. Let all your desires fulfilled.
Be happy!

Daddy, daddy, father ... As soon as I will not call! But the essence remains the same, because for me he always was, is and shall best in the world. As good and reliable person to whom I can turn for advice, help. Today on your birthday, and I so want you to be happy simply because components of happiness so much - that love, health, and prosperity, and harmony with each other, and loved it. So, Dad, you may never leave the happiness in the fullest sense of the word. Know that you are always faithful friends and supporters - loved your family, your loved ones!

Today we HAPPY BIRTHDAY head of the family - a caring father, protector, best friend and a real man! Dear our dad, we all - your children, wife and family - wish you happiness! Let him in your life will be more, let every day for you begins with a smile and ends enjoyable holiday family times!

The role of the father - not easy, but our dad copes brilliantly with it! While we were very young - he spoiled us and strongly guarded when grown - helped to learn all about the life around us and choose the right path, and when grown at all - let float, but we have a father never forget! And today, his birthday, together wish him a long, happy life!

How long was the childhood many years have passed! But I still remember being with my dad we chose my first books, I first told him that love, and he gave me valuable advice on how to conquer the girl, because he somehow charmed our mother and made her happy! I welcome his father on his birthday and wish him to stay in the same wonderful and never grow old soul, enjoy life and always smiling!

How much effort and patience required for a large family! Our dad has always been central to the family, because he's - the good, smart and attentive, he - the same man who can be trusted with a small, but important to society as a family! Happy Birthday, Dad! Be happy, live long, never sick, and let your dreams come true!

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