Boy birthday wishes

Boy birthday wishes


Happy Birthday! Long not speak, just wish health and happiness, let the years fly easily, but do not steal youth and beauty, and added wisdom and charm. May each day of leave pleasant memories, let the smile always shines on the face and eyes always sparkling with happiness!

Today, I congratulate you on holiday and wish you always be courageous, faithful to his convictions, attentive to loved ones and ready to help your friends! This is as true man whom every girl wants to see next to you!

What a good boy this, and in such a wonderful, wonderful day congratulate him on his birthday. We wish cheerful, good spirit, resilience and courage in his actions, clarity and speed of thought. Let obey tops and Olympus, surrounded true, reliable friends.

Happy Birthday! I wish you health, because it is the foundation of power. A power - the prerogative of successful people!

Happy Birthday to you! Do you remember as a child we welcomed each other a happy birthday? And today we are like flies on the sweet, sweet flocked to greet people with a sweet day! Let all going well, it turns out, even the money pocket explode, let the love head is spinning! In general, that apartment and car, and spa. Here! Happy Birthday!

Birthday - a special celebration. It is filled with mysterious sacred meaning. After all, what could be more magic than the emergence of new life, the birth of a baby? .. Every year we wait for the day with the inner trepidation. As a child, we expect to mount a variety of colorful gifts. Time passes, and we begin to appreciate more attention to our family and friends who bring into our lives a sense of peace, joy, harmony and love. So even if you continue to live in this bright holiday feeling, dear birthday, and we contribute to this!

Beautiful, intelligent, young boy we welcome birthday hurry. We wish to be a winner, always be first. Let submitting mountain, all dreams come true. Life shall be interesting, bright, rich, safe. Stay as strong, brave, courageous!

On the day when you were born, there was an amazing thing - the world was beautiful.
Happy Birthday!

(Name), Happy Birthday! We now have an important time when we are learning independence. We learn to make decisions and take responsibility for any of their actions on themselves. It is not easy, because so many temptations in life. Also, life puts us a lot of obstacles and traps. I sincerely wish you to choose the right path, and that nothing prevented you go the way selected. Have you got everything goes best.

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