Happy birthday to my favorite

Happy birthday to my favorite


Favorite! I congratulate you on your Birthday! Thou art my dearest person on earth with you I feel good and nice! I wish you all the very good that our love is not extinguished! Happy birthday, darling!

Beloved, I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you to be always so cheerful, energetic and courageous! Thank you for what you have! I love you!

My beloved. No one has such delicate and tender lips, such beautiful blue eyes. I want to drown in your bottomless eyes, and melt from your gentle touch. Happy Birthday, dear, only.

I wish you, my love, more kindness. To meet good people feel good attitude and be very good. Positive emotions, health and good luck! Happy Birthday!

I am happy that (number) years ago you came into the world. Thank you, we did not miss in this world. I sincerely wish you to your desires become reality. To zbuvalosya all that you thought of yourself. To health and luck always accompanied you on your way!

Dear, only one favorite! On the day of your birthday I wish one thing - that nothing clouded your eyes. Let them always glowing joy, and on the lips - that dear, gentle, desirable smile! I can not resist you no kiss!

I congratulate you, my beloved! Let on your way off the green light everywhere, even the way by which thou goest every day somewhere, must lead you back home! You luck, prosperity, health!

Youth desperation, children's fun, good mood and loyal friends I wish you today. And for tomorrow: health - that the head does not hurt; more money - that was enough for your car; and of the fulfillment of all these requirements. Happy birthday, my dear man!

On your birthday I wish you love and harmony, understanding and stability, health and vigor. And - depending! Let everything in your life is up to you! Wise decisions you!

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