Happy birthday sms to my mother

Happy birthday sms to my mother


Mom, you're the man who gave me the way of life and every day makes me the happiest person! I wish you long life, every day of which you will delight us with his presence!

Dear Mom, I wish you in your birthday to show up in your eyes tears of joy and a smile never left the face! We'll take care of you and keep so well as you have!

Happy Birthday, dear mother! Let angel protects you in sorrow, in sickness and in need, because we need your care, kindness and grace! Dearer you are all gone!

Happy birthday, dear! Without you the world would be a dull and gray, and I have never been. Thank you for your smile, gentle eyes and wise patience. When will I have children, I know how to bring them up!

Parents do not choose, but if I had a choice, I would still be born in you. More than anything, I want you to be proud of me, Mom. Thank you for what you have!

Every girl his ideal - the woman she wants to be. One liked the singer, the other - hangers - model, and I always wanted to be like you! You're the best, Mom. Happy Birthday!

Mom let you kiss! And do not try to escape, you now birthday. Thank you for what you forgive me my freaks. With love, your senior goof.

Mom, if you did not come to light, it would not be our wonderful family. Your birthday is a celebration the whole family. So let our family remains the same friendly, and you the same caring and loving mother. Happy Birthday!

You're still young and beautiful, despite another birthday. Stay always the same. Let every day be happier previous close may bring only joy! Happy Birthday, Mom!

As well, when the world is the person to whom you can always turn for support. For me, this person is you, Mom! So let your birthday you will feel as you always have to turn to! Happy Birthday!

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