Happy birthday images for wife

Happy birthday images for wife


Let the whole world oprominytsya smile! Let every day inspires you to new heights and new discoveries! I wish you much joy, happiness, true friends and great success. Any favorite and happy!

As you wish, my dear, in this glorious day, the day of your birth. I want the world you lived lighter and more fun to continue, as in the early years, you were slender and young. To waltz in as easily and freely pamorochylosya, stay such live and hello.

I would like to raise a toast to your fingers, not knowing fatigue. For you, our dear and unforgettable hostess, for your kindness and warmth, which sometimes do not have enough in life. Live long and happy age and radiate warmth and happened to those that live in your heart.

My favorite is my wife! I congratulate you on the anniversary! Thank you for what you have! Thank you for your honest opinion! Because of your sweet voice always cheer in difficult times!

My favorite is my wife! Be happy all the time - in this day and always! Please always so beautiful: the soul and you! Let your birthday will be for you the most wonderful day!

I once met a girl who sunk into my heart. Like her, I never knew. Time passed and she became my wife. I now feel in love head over heels boy, but what is most interesting - do not want to get rid of this feeling. Today, I congratulate you happy birthday, darling!

My greatest achievement in life - this is the only and beloved wife! We have many happy experiences shared experiences and life situations, they made ??us more and more akin to one another. This emotional closeness brings understanding and smoothing relations between us, people from different planets - the mountain of muscle and muscle men are from Mars and strong in his weakness women from Venus. Happy Birthday to you, dear!

Our dear, beloved, dear, congratulations to you Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness and health for many years. Please always beautiful, whether happy all the time - in this day and always!

Have a good evening at home with my best half - hospitable and caring hostess, beloved wife! It is a pity that time and inertia do not give you more please courtesies and gifts, which you deserve. Still, please remember that I am yours and attractive human qualities. I know that got a real gift of fate! Happy birthday, dear!

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