Happy birthday

Happy birthday


(Name), greetings to you Happy Birthday! We wish you did not know sorrow, be always happy, cheerful and happy! To friend was laughter that accompanied your life: health, happiness and success!

Dear (name)! Many thanks to you for a good reason to drink. And most importantly - health, most importantly - tomorrow!

Dear (name)! Happy birthday! We wish you much happiness, good health! To your family lived in abundance, wife that loved and appreciated! Good luck to you and good luck!

Already do not know what you want ?! Probably, health and wealth! Being young and 85 ... And now, smile more often! Take care that you love! I love that price! Appreciate you love and SAVE! More may be at the heart of sweetness! But in real life fairytale joy! Happy Birthday!

In birthday we wish first of all to have a birthday in my life been so good to cloud problems not blocked the sun's rays warm your to success has not left, and vice versa - as firmly stuck!

I would like to greet you a happy birthday! I wish that You receive from life whatever you want, appreciated the minutes and hours, not rozminyuvavsya trifles, build-ups and planning great things! Sought, conquering, winning! Happy!

What can you wish a man who represents stability and confidence !? Sustainability in everything: in finance, business, the positive trends and graphs, in love, in relationships with colleagues and partners! But most importantly strength and good health to endure it all! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! We wish you health, love and warmth! Your life to be interesting and long! Let the house will comfort, warmth and laughter! Good friends you meet in life! Happy Birthday!

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