Birthday wishes for loved ones

Birthday wishes for loved ones


How happy I am that you came into the world and we met with you! This day for me at least holiday than you, because she was born a great man in the world. Happy Birthday to you!

Beloved, I greet you in the main holiday of your life! Without you I can not imagine my life, you are very strong, courageous and focused. Although for men and beauty is not important, but nature has not cheated you and this!

Even if the world perevernetsya, my love for you will not go away. Today is your birthday I wish you one thing: Spend my whole life with the one who's crazy about you! And all the difficulties and troubles together we will survive!

Beloved, I congratulate you on your Birthday. You now will want much, but I will only say one thing: I love you very much, and the most difficult moment you can rely on me! Be happy ... with me!

Beloved, the sun, greet you a happy birthday! I wish you great happiness, I will do everything to make your every day be filled with love, passion, joy and warmth.

On the birthday of the most beloved, the only, the best in the world good luck, the performance of the most cherished dreams and achieve their goals! I want to see you happy.

Hi, sweetheart! I congratulate you happy birthday and wish you health, happiness and success in everything. Let fate leads you to the goal by the shortest route, so that you can enjoy life in anything does not deny!

In the glorious day of your birthday wish sincere fun and wonderful gift, meeting with friends and a wonderful holiday. Let's birthday gives you joyful emotions and happiness fireworks!

Kid's Birthday! I wish you great happiness. I love when your eyes glow with happiness - you become more beautiful, more native. Happy birthday, darling!

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