Happy Birthday to her beloved husband sms

Happy Birthday to her beloved husband sms


One day, in early childhood, you came to me and offered to make friends very seriously ... how did Mites were you! But like a true man, soon you gave me chamomile and said to marry me when we will be great ... Many years in our lives happen all, but apparently our fate was resolved as a child! We do not yet married, but together, give each other love and affection, and you just as serious and you give me your favorite flowers ... In your birthday I want to promise you that I will be with you, even when we become old lady. But .. you always Stay cheerful, fun, and never worry!

Birthday we loved celebrating the first year, I perfectly know his tastes and preferences, but still every time a spin, like a squirrel, trying to guess how best to arrange a celebration that tasty to the table, and, of course, what to give my love ! For me there is no reward for chores more valuable than his gentle eyes and the word "love." Happy birthday, darling! Please always all happy and not sick smile on and just like that, and I will always be next to you.

Only my! I wish you a happy birthday and wish you every moment be the happiest man on earth! Please always the same as now ... warm as the sun, in his infinite kindness and patience as the ocean, and brave as a tiger! But if you wish to change, become even better, because there is no limit to perfection - and you is my perfection!

As well, when the world is a man on whose strong shoulders can escape from all troubles, the one who would carry on his hands, if it becomes difficult to go up, say a kind word in time ... Find happiness was so simple, and this day my Fortunately's Birthday, and I share his joy on that day when, it seems, even the birds are chirping in the trees, welcome you! Happy birthday, my beloved! Let your life will not be worries and anxieties, let them replace the joy and peace of heart!

With such a sweet like you - a paradise in a tent, but that's the strange thing: our love even a tent in a moment turn into a palace! Believe that I will speak frankly to your Birthday: be my star, and I will be your month! Please clear my key in the desert, and I will be your first spring flower ... Let your happiness, my dear, dear, can not be measured and let it be infinite!

In a world of so many people, so many roads and accidents, as happened that we met? Not only met, but fell in love, found in each other what in life we ??lacked - loyalty, affection, care, attention and love. Birthday for my main man in my life I wish he did not stop at nothing in the way of their dreams, remember that I am with you always close, and just be happy!

My favorite! Only with you I feel so warm and light, but with you I feel so good and happy! Good luck, my beloved, my only!

Beloved, how could you? Well, how could you do so? Why do you itself outshines the sun? Why take away my air, when are you going? But I thank you for this meal, because not everyone has such an angel! Happy Birthday!

Thank you for what you are in the world. Thank you for your tenderness and affection for your ardent love. Thank you for your sweet charming smile that I was crazy. I know that in the world for me there is only one man, it's you. I love you.

Thou art good, reliable and responsive, the most expensive for me man. Stay always so! Happy birthday, darling!

Beloved, Happy Birthday! I wish to be always loved. Why do you want someone else, if you have me! It was myself, I want to give you today ... Welcome!

You're wonderful, kind, helpful people. Be familiar with you - great joy and luck. Take away my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the day you were born!

Thou art good, reliable and responsive, the most expensive for me man. Stay always so! Happy birthday, darling!

My beloved husband, dear and irreplaceable. You have a birthday today. I congratulate you. Today will be told a lot of warm and emotional words in your address: wish health, success, love, happiness and wealth. And nothing I will not say I'll just say that you - my life, you are the sun, to which I drag as the first snowdrop, which stretches to the first rays after winter. You air, without which simply is not possible to live. I love you!

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