Happy birthday wife

Happy birthday wife


His favorite-woman, I want to greet. Thank you for what you are, for your warmth, kindness and concern for all our family. On this day, we wish you to remain as beautiful, intelligent, cheerful. Let all your desires come true. Happy birthday, dear!

Have a good evening at home with my best half - hospitable and caring hostess, beloved wife! It is a pity that time and inertia do not give you more please courtesies and gifts, which you deserve. Still, please remember that I am yours
attractiveness and human qualities. I know that got a real gift of fate!

Dear (name), to warmly greet you a happy birthday! So in truth, that you, I think it will feel! After all, man is closer than you, for I do not exist! May all your dreams come true, dear!

His wife, feminine and very charming half want to always remain my favorite, clever and beautiful!

Honey, you are most beautiful and mysterious woman I have many years trying to understand and solve. I wish to remain the same mysterious, desirable, delicate and highly anticipated, the favorite and most beautiful, the most-most in the world happy!

Lovely, dear, dear. You're my true destiny. Love to you I carried through years time. I am immensely happy that even when I was away from you, evil flame could not extinguish my love. Let our lives great happiness without sadness and anxiety.

With all my heart, with great excitement, which, finding no words, I'm Happy birthday from wonderful holiday you, my dear wife. How can you find the best in the world, I did not even try to do it, because I know that you are beautiful and unique.

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