Romantic Birthday Wishes

Romantic Birthday Wishes


My dear and most beautiful in the world. You're just a beautiful creature you a miracle of miracles. I want a soft gentle kiss you, to your dear not frozen even in the most severe frosts. Miss without you darling, my incomparable. Happy Birthday to you!

My favorite! You most mysterious, serene, simple and at the same time complex, infinitely fragile, feminine. I really needed, sensitive, priceless, pure, gorgeous, radiant, my dear woman! I love you! My joy and happiness! Miss without you! Happy Birthday to you!

My dear, dear .... I congratulate you on the brightest day of this year - with your birthday. With all my heart I wish you to be gentle and tender. Let your way to meet only happiness and good fortune, and love may always live in your heart.
With love, ....

Someone I and my mother ________ (name)! Thank you for what you are, for your love and faithfulness. I want you to stay as beautiful, kind and gentle! Congratulations to you, my happiness!

Six months passed like a flash, it would seem that we just met yesterday. I like you all become more expensive and in your birthday, I wish you, that everything in life you have time and let all be fulfilled that is not true, I wish to be the happiest.

You light my eyes, you're my happiness, you are my life without you I'm no one. I want to tell you thank you for your patience and love for me. I wish you my one and only, so you always been in my life. I love you very much.

Favorite! I am ready to repeat every day how much I love you! I love you, hear, love! For you I live and breathe one! Please always so whimsical, cute and charming, mysterious, charming and necessary! Happy birthday, darling!

My very good and nice. Please always desirable for me, always the most charming and irresistible. Let your eyes just glow with happiness. And our loving hearts shall never divorced. I wish you were the happiest in the whole world. Happy birthday, darling!

I never cease to be thankful for what she gave me you. For me, your love - the source of happiness, good luck and all precious in life. I want to loudly shout all: love, love, love. For the love! For you, my dear! Happy birthday my love!

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