Birthday messages for dad from daughter

Birthday messages for dad from daughter


What makes each day our dad? He - the head of the family, and thus helps us to make important decisions, he - the main breadwinner and protector, in a word, he - the real man, and besides - romantic! After all, he loves our mom! And dad can play with the children, read them books, if the mother is tired - cook dinner, he is always ready to talk and listen ... But today we will not allow him not to worry, because it is a holiday, birthday Today we all wish him the happiest and the good life, let him be the best years ahead!

Today, on the birthday of his father, I look at our lives, look back to the past and once again convinced that our father - the most precious gift of Destiny that you can imagine! He always loved us, cared about his family and did not know this tired, he always had a kind word in stock and hilarious joke ... And today we celebrate his birthday, and I wish it to be always the same - strong in body and spirit, and freedom-loving and cheerful, of course, be very happy!

Today is a special day for us - we welcome our dad very dear person, without which it can not do a minute! Today, his attention - just for us, and we will try to surround his concern that he felt like a king! Happy Birthday! We welcome loudly, trying to put in greeting all his love and, of course, we wish all the best for dad, good light and that is only on our planet in a distant star!

Father ... how many wonderful and important in this word! Dad - the first word that along with the word "mother" baby learns to talk. His father - a family protector, her support and hope for all time! And I probably will not be mistaken not a bit, if I say that Birthday father for our family - the best holiday of the year! On this day we can again tell him how much he means infinite for all of us, and wish true happiness, endless and boundless!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Let you no longer wear and children at the hands of the children themselves boldly entered adulthood, but know - you dear to us still! Your father's blessing - the most golden words for us that we are ready to move though the high mountains, to the end of the world! We want to wish you never bored and always smile, never sick and always be strong, give us still love and be happy every day!

Father! Today, on his birthday, receive from a loving son congratulations and wishes! Maybe I can not say much, but you know - that you dear to me and I love you! Let your life will always be lucky and happiness, let every day brings new achievements, and each year brings you to age anniversary! Know your children, I can not wish better grandfather and better role models than you!

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