Happy birthday 45 years

Happy birthday 45 years


I warmly congratulate you on a round date! This day does not want to be trivial, and so we eschew the standard wishes of happiness, love, health and other useful but boring words. We want you to live a full life, surpassing brightness sun in mystery - the night sky, in tenderness - the sea breeze, and on appeal - all the other women in the world. Let all men continually captures your brightness affects your mystique, captures your affection and your appeal beckons. And let the feelings you awaken in them, never let them believe in what you do can be an anniversary!

In your thirty is still so new and unexplored! I wish that in your life was more pleasant discoveries that nothing stop you on the way to the goal. Let there be more positive moments, happy events, unexpected surprises!

Have you a bit sad that you are not 25, but you are so beautiful in the golden 45 Thy beauty has no equal, your charm, smile, grace erect any reason. I want to stay the same gentle, sensitive, cheerful, attentive and incredibly sexy, as you are now. Let decorate, only you, let nothing grieve you. Be always happy. Smile, you're beautiful. Happy Birthday.

The peoples of the Baltic states, there is a belief. If a family is born a child, born with it 100 devils. When a child turns a year, then there is one angel and devil there is one less. And so year after year: the number of the angels increases and becomes less bloody. If fifty people, this means that there were only 50 devils, but was 50 angels. Today we have a woman, consisting of half devil, half of the angels. And every year the angelic beginning it will dominate more and more ... But I suggest to drink for yuvilyarku in which light and dark forces mutually balanced!

I want you to smile often and sincerely! I welcome you to the 75th anniversary, on your anniversary and wish you to enjoy life in the same way as 40 years ago. Let life give you what you have not experienced, but let it be pleasant hours! Why watch? Because the moment - is too small to fully enjoy all the joy and happiness of the event! I know that your soul lives youth, so let it be so much that no one dared to question the fact that there is no place for old age! Remain always as much fun, beautiful, because everyone his age, and never think of something to regret! I wholeheartedly wish you that! Happy anniversary, my dear!

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