sweet birthday wishes for him

sweet birthday wishes for him


Life is a strange thing, that is not always possible time to get what you want. And today I would like to congratulate you first, and do it, probably the latter. But I hope from this you will be less pleasant. As it happened, I wish you that you always turned the right time in the right place. This will be called fate commitment to you. Please also always her favorite. Hello!

I wish you a lifetime to go on the road, which strewn with roses and attack the soft petals of roses! And those who want to move you the way to advancing to the spikes of roses and never crossed you go! For you, our dear birthday boy! Happy Birthday!

I wish you in your birthday to you was easy, like the wind, inexhaustible as the sea, and as the land, full of memory. Be easy-going as the sail ship any gay as the song of the waves. And may you always live in awe of the whole life of all ages and races!

Dear birthday! On the day of your birth heartily wish that green "Mercedes" of your life easily and happily visas you through life, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties that the road was in a flourishing garden and close to were all the one you need. For your happiness and success!

On the day you were born I want to say these words. The words of congratulations and admiration. We are all incredibly lucky that once you come to our world, illuminating his wisdom, strength and courage. You embodiment of heroism of all ages and nations. You're the one with whom you can take an example. That you are the prototype of strong and brave soldiers. You look straight into the face of challenges and always willing to help in every trouble. Happy Birthday!

Pick wish for you is very difficult, because you have everything, and you have quite a successful person. But still I try to put into words the feelings that are in my heart. Let all the troubles go as snow in the sun. Let your life be just so what you want. Happy Birthday, and may you all over accompanies luck! And you do not care success party! I wish today to celebrate the glory!

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