Happy birthday greetings for her

Happy birthday greetings for her


Happy birthday, dear! Today it gathered those who sincerely loves you. So you know what each of us heartily you want. Everything has been said already and still overwhelmingly want to add a little nuance. I want you to all the kind words that you hear today is not cooled. Let them hear in your soul, warming her our sincere love. Let them fill you with energy and vitality, support in difficult times and inspired in the good season. Good luck, meaning, health, and prosperity, and joy, and all-everything that can make you happy.

Everyone loves Christmas holidays with their noise, fun, champagne, surprises, fun, crackers, gifts ... And Did not you the same holiday? Starts a new year of your life! And you absolutely do not know what will happen this year, it will bring you. Yes and meet their personal, personal new year as brightly Majeure, light, with excellent high spirits! After all, they say: "How to celebrate New Year, so spend it." Let your every birthday is not for you semifinal and happy start to the new achievements, new heights, new achievements.

You're goin through life queen you always successful and dare! And decide you any problem and permeable in all cases! It always is so Stay and hands to the stars dotyahnysya! Let luck and happiness fills your life!

They say that once Lyubov Orlova said, "I am 39 years and not one minute more!" The same can be said of our way culprit celebration. Let's wish her ??a warm human relations, participation of friends and family, health and happiness in his personal life!

I wish you to be shaped rose: this same stable as its stem, just as gentle as its petals, this same air as it leaves and so on barbed same troubles as her little spikes. Happy Birthday.

In this beautiful bright holiday birthday, with all my heart I want to wish you to be a real woman with a capital letter, beautiful and fragile, gentle and caring, which you created itself Enchantress-lot. We wish you to remain mysterious femininity ideal for men and a sample of exquisite beauty for friends and girlfriends. We wish you to be a role model for your children and success stories to colleagues. Pleases us all his genuine dazzling smile!

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