Greetings happy birthday sweetheart

Greetings happy birthday sweetheart


On your birthday, my dear, I want to confess to thee in love. I so tenderly and passionately love you, dear, sometimes gasp from his love. Please always loved and beautiful, and eyes shall burn with happiness, love let flowers speak. Happy, dear!

Honey, I want you now admit that my love for you is still strong and, despite the intervening years, to you I feel warm-hearted drive. And let you know I was rarely speak, but to me you main finding in my life main treasure. Happy Birthday!

Best words for you my dear and incomparable. You my babe and I do not need another, let us by all the problems promchatsya easy imperceptible breeze. I want us to stay together forever. Happy Birthday to you, my love!

My very precious love on earth. I love you so much that you get ready for the moon, overwhelm you with hundreds of red roses, for you get all that you desire. Good luck to you always pours endless rain. Happy Birthday!

Let thine eyes shine the light of happiness and love, let your soul knows no sorrow, no anguish.

My favorite and unique! I want your birthday to wish you happy always be unique, always love and be loved, even on a track where you pass grow beautiful flowers. Congratulations to you, my good.

Lovely __________ (name)! I warmly congratulate you on his birthday, I give you your favorite flowers and I wish every day and every moment to see, hear and feel you! Without it I can not because I love you!

Someone I love my _________ (name)! I congratulate you on holiday! I sincerely wish you tenderness and goodness! Stay always so cheerful and beautiful, cute and mother! I really love you!

Dear _________ (name)! I heartily congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish that your eyes sparkled with joy and a smile never left on your lips! Be able to love! I love you!

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