Mom birthday poems

Mom birthday poems


Mom - most native people. From childhood to pull her hands, hugging tightly her hurry to share joy or sadness, and she always praise or comfort will say that everything must be fine ... I believe it because of maternal love so easily breathe and live! Happy Birthday, Mom! Sunny you happiness, ardent love, inspiring luck and good mood every day!

My mom for me an example of a real woman. Photographs youth today, the birthday, it slender as birch, beautiful and ruddy as the fairytale princess, my mother always happy, cheerful and generously shared good mood with his family, helping each smile and believe: everything is fine, but front - only the good. With his mother in the house is warm and cozy, and it is delicious feed and interested conversation. Today I welcome my mother and wish her to start with, a hundred years remain the same excellent! To love and be loved, as to you life - a real fairy tale!

Happy Birthday, Mom! Health to you tightly! Smiles to you only genuine and positive people!

Mom, I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish more sunny days! Life is happy and cheerful! I love you, my dear!

Mom! As you now happy glow eyes! I heartily wish you on this day you were born much affection, warmth and kindness! May all your dreams come true! Happy mom!

Mummy dear, let this day all your dreams come true! I wish that you were always happy! Funny ray of the sun shall always shines in your eyes. You fullest itself, the very best person on earth!

Thanks for that mom mother mother's love that you gave us life. Thanks for being covered from harm and saved. Know, my mother is now helping to protect you and our turn came, we will warm you with love and attention. Happy Birthday to you!

Our road, a great mom. We love you so. As every year, heartily congratulate you with Happy Birthday. You for us - a source of warmth and kindness. Stay young at heart, cheerful, and most importantly - great!

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