Birthday wishes sister

Birthday wishes sister


Sister dear, the only and unique. Let her own reflection in the mirror like you always smile and be cheerful radiates confidence and only happiness. I wish in my life I success, fun, joy and laughter, sweet my sister.

Happy Birthday, dear my sister, you are welcome. With all my heart I wish you happiness, love and kindness! Let life brings you joy and happiness, they may not pass without a trace. Let perpetual guest in your house will love, joy, peace and happiness, peace and warmth

Sweet, beloved, dear and beloved sister greet the holiday. I wish you happiness and true love. Let this day sound toasts and congratulations on your honor. All gifts and flowers just for you. A little more smile, merry, stay as beautiful and cheerful always. Happy Birthday!

Dear sisters, even when you was little, I knew that the day will come when you become a charming beauty, which everyone will admire. But that day has not come, because you've become a real queen, before which all tend. Good luck, my dear, and love.

Native sister hurry to greet. We wish to fly like a bird, shining like the sun in the firmament bloom as spring bouquet of snowdrops. Let all come true secret dreams and desires, surrounded by loyal friends, all-all the best to you.

Let, sister, welcome sincerely happy birthday you. Wish blush on your face, the stones on the finger. Let fall the men of thy beauty, and jealous rival energy, spices. You do not noblewoman, not virgin overseas and not even a princess, you - the queen!

Dear sister, I heartily congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you all the best that is in this world: the great and pure love, true friendship, good health, financial well-being is always excellent mood! Let your life is well composed, even in cases accompanied by success, let him come true, even the boldest plans themselves seemingly unrealistic dreams!

Today, congratulating you on his birthday, I decided not to read the poems, but simply from the heart to tell you some good things! Sister, you know that I love you very much, I appreciate your help and support, I appreciate this timely advice, the ability to listen. Such women like you in the world a little, and why it is so highly regarded today your kindness, compassion, sympathy. Always Remain so, and let your life flows easily and carelessly, let alarm and trouble you pass and laughter and joy are constant companions!

Dear sisters, I greet you a happy birthday! I am grateful to fate and our fathers, because I have you! We will never be alone in this world, as always understand and support each other! I want you to warmth and love of our family warmed you in the most difficult moments!

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