Special Birthday Wishes for My Husband

Special Birthday Wishes for My Husband


Happy birthday, my chosen one! All these years we created our marriage, putting him only the warmest feelings of our hearts. And so was born our family. So let continue in our life be light and comfortable, let our life is filled with pleasant memories of happy moments, the fruit of our love and our most intimate, embodied desires!

Distant lands, seven seas, in the Far, Far unknown ... -daleko long were the heroes of Russian fairy tales to find happiness. But what if it is just around the corner? Just live in the neighborhood, while the view is absolutely useless caresses distant horizons overseas in search of a miracle. I'm glad I was able to see my happiness, find their Mr Right, and it will not change to any Overseas wonders! I wish you a happy birthday, my favorite, and always want to shine as brightly and warmly, my sun!

They say men are not particularly fond of sentimental words, but unless I can keep that fills my heart with the birthday of my beloved! Also, I know it and I know it is quite a bit shyly smiles when I once again say that I love it. I love, love a thousand times and wish happiness, we divide it in half and will be even happier!

What is a test for love? Probably one of the tests can be called marriage. When running years, loving each other, not studying for a romantic date in a month, but on how to live under one roof. There comes a time in common life, open all the habits and manners, is a place not only to confessions of love, but also urgent issues that require efforts both spouses. If love is real, people brought together by marriage only, they can love each other without ornaments, appreciate what they are given. Our husband and love of honor passed all tests. Today I want to congratulate him on his birthday. Raise high the glass for him, for his invaluable contribution to our family, and say that it was during the years of marriage I still dearer, loved and welcome!

When you met my father, he is a man of strict, demanding and uncompromising to my fans, took time to think, and a few grueling days decided - this guy worthy of my daughter! On your birthday, my dear husband, I am immensely pleased to welcome you, the one who not only made ??me happy, but also met the expectations of my loved ones! Be happy always - always and when the time comes to choose a man for our daughter, son-pluck the same good, as you!

I love you - these are just words, but by the meaning we invest in them? At present they sound when people who speak them, not just those whom you feel passion, but those who believe entrust my life, my destiny. I tell you that I love, and your birthday will add to the words of all tenderness, affection and care for you, my man!

We live only once, and our lives should be full of only the best - good mood, good health, success cases, the warm welcome from friends and family, and of course, love. A bright, hot sun, endless as the ocean, sincere and mutual. My beloved! Happy Birthday! I wish you all of this and I want to say again how much I love you!

Marriage - the union of love for two. But one passion, desire is not too much to this union survived the years. To make him a real fortress for a happy family life, you make a lot of patience, attention to her husband, sensitivity, ability to listen, watch and understand. Today I want to tell you my husband, we were able to build over the years not only strength, but a palace, which, I believe we will live for many years and happy! Happy birthday, darling!

Love - like a flame. It can vidihrity and return to life - or burn to ashes. With flames to behave circumspectly, not to rush, and if we can put it in the fire, the house is warm and light. During the years of marriage we have tamed our flame of love, and now it is burning peacefully in the hearth. On your birthday, I congratulate you and if I see how the flame tongues dancing fly, I know they will always be flashing in our lives, not allowing the fire of love alive!

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