birthday wish for husband sms

birthday wish for husband sms


I sincerely wish you happiness, of all dreams! Let life as bright mosaic, composed of bright colors of joy, memorable events, and each new day brings you good luck and good mood! Happy Birthday!

I wish you the most pleasant moments of life to share with someone you love, enjoy magic moments of happiness to be desirable and necessary in any company! Happy Birthday!

I wish you live a hundred years!
Let the engine in your chest works without a hitch and without repair, let your life be wide and straight road with stones and potholes. I wish also to not carry the sharp turns you on, that you always gripped the wheel of his life in solid hands. Good luck to you and happy way!

Birthday - a reason to come to the man and say that is the heart.
So, I declare with a clear conscience: I heart the joy of what you, dear birthday is in the world. What do you decorate our lives come to the rescue and just love to live. Thank you for everything and for that thou hast gathered us all together.

You're a man and you have a birthday today!
Today you can relax - drink and relax! And on other days of your life you wish rigidity in all - in nature, in all organs and in foreign currency. Be happy!

What could you want a male that represents stability and confidence !? Sustainability in everything: in finance, business, the positive trends and graphs, in love, in relationships with colleagues and partners! But most importantly strength and good health to endure it all! Happy Birthday!

All your friends are happy that may greet you a Happy Birthday! All we want you to stay in the same loyal friend, a caring husband and affectionate father! Have many years on this day to address your sound kind words from family and friends!

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