Happy Birthday to parents

Happy Birthday to parents


Dear Mom, I congratulate you on the anniversary! You - the best mother in the world. Stay healthy, happy and cheerful. I love you very much and always want to be with you!

Dear mother!
I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you birthday anniversary in good health, active social life, to live happily ever after! Let your life be filled with warmth and light, even just remember all the good and all the confusion and frustration is quickly forgotten and have consequences! Let all the woes and troubles bypass your house party, let it always be warm, light, comfortable and so smells thy incredible cakes! You lot have managed to do in this life, we all so love you and will try our best to make your days were filled with a calm quiet joy and simple pleasures! Please do not be afraid of us, nothing to worry and be happy!

Pretty mommy!
Your gentle and kind hands we were at first, then taught to walk, and then kept showing us the right way. Sometimes we do not obeyed and did everything in his own way, you are afflicted and helped us in any situation. Mom, you are always in our minds wherever we go. Today is your anniversary, and we see that you're a little sad, but it is useless. The anniversary - a great occasion to much time to say thank you, hug you and say, "You're the best mom in the world!" Be happy and stay always the same young and beautiful, but we will try just to please you! Happy anniversary, Mom!

In your long life
dropped a lot of tests, many had lived and experienced. This beautiful anniversary - the result of your beautiful life gathered for those who are especially dear to you. Many relatives, you dear people came to congratulate you, thank you for your wisdom and wish you many more - many years of health. Your family and friends appreciate you for your kindness, sincere love and deep human wisdom. We wish you to be our mainstay, support, because we appreciate what you dilyshsya us and what we are taught. Health to you, our dear, for many years.

Sweet and very dear mother!
I congratulate you on holiday and want to wish you all a loving heart to thee excellent physical fitness, peace of mind! Ever-blooming spring in the heart, which attracts sea of new sensations and vast ocean of discovery and adventure! You're the best and deserves the best! Happy anniversary

Myla and expensive, our mother!
Today is such a wonderful holiday - your birthday! And not just as an anniversary! You're the same cheerful, funny, cheerful! You set an example to us all how to enjoy life, how to help family and friends. To thee we seek to share the joy and consolation in sad moments. You - the center of gravity of our family! We all welcome you heartily wish health, happiness and to be our favorite sun always!

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