Birthday greetings husband

Birthday greetings husband


Man beloved, precious and unique welcome from birth day. The work you interesting career - progressive. Let hiking heard your song on the guitar, and preparing barbecue. Let the years and days will be wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable. Happy, my dear, you!

Expensive, the most wonderful man on earth, I want to congratulate with a holiday day of your birth. You're strong, brave, brave, strong, you - the ideal of masculinity. I feel confident on your back. Sincerely wish you health, career, peace of mind. My beloved man!

My dear people, my support, my protector and best friend! I want to congratulate you on his birthday and again to say how happy I am that you met! I wish you always be as a good example for our children! I am always proud and admire you!

My husband, I'm glad you are proud to name. This date for me means a day when the world was my half. I want you to be first in all things, a recognized leader and the man to whom all doors open. Let each new year makes you a wiser, more successful and happier. Happy Birthday!

Dear people, I congratulate you with all my heart Happy Birthday! You many years was to support me in all difficulties! I can not imagine how to live if we had not met! I want you to continue to remain as strong, reliable and gentle!

"Generously whole world kin" - say in the saying. And it's true. This proves that the number of friends who came to congratulate my husband on his birthday.
I know that he loves and appreciates his friends. And in this holiday I would like to wish my husband health, but he was "chronically healthy". Money, but they had enough ... Happiness, but with the wife are sorry for the indiscretion, fortunately he is ... And I wish him to be the same fun, the same magic, the same joker-joker, generous, good as it has ever been thus acquired many wonderful friends!

Congratulations, you, happy birthday! Having lived with you for more than forty years I have not lost hope that someday we will be with you happy! Thou shalt not oppress me! Take care of yourself! I learned to forgive, that's just hard to forget everything! Be happy with me, and if not possible, then I feel sorry for you ....

You're in my heart firmly taken its place, because together we are more than a year. I always try to be original, to please you, amuse. And today I want to wish you less beer, more milk, less TV, read more books, less I listen more to decide! Happy birthday, darling!

Every man wants to look beyond the horizon, to fulfill our purpose on earth, to have friends, to love and be loved. To the delight of all, you got it all goes brilliantly! Know that you are for me - the best man, a loving husband and a great family man!

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