happy birthday for mens

happy birthday for mens


I hope that everything in your life will only get better. For with the best people - everything is just the best. Let fate smiles at you, let the sun warm on cold days, let friend does not throw in trouble let woman understands you. I want to be self-same in all: let it manage to half a turn, let life not playing bad jokes with you and will always be good luck. Happy Birthday.

I wish that alcohol has never been a hangover from food - eating, of women - surprise of work - tired, the weather - malaise. Happy Birthday, be happy.

Happy birthday. I wish banal happiness, good health and a strong spirit. Be always just a fact that you're the best in the world. I would like to always head spun from a choice: Jaguar or Ferrari? Blonde or brunette? Hawaii or Maldives? Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday and I wish you happiness, prosperity, comfort the family, safety at work, loyalty, friendship, tolerance and good men's health. It is said that the lion - the king of beasts. So you want to be a lion for life: conqueror at work, house keeper and passionate "male" for his "female." Happy Birthday.

Every age has its advantages. As a teenager, you were brave, carefree and dreamed about everything. At maturity you picked wisdom, fulfilled his dream, settled his house and created a family. Today we celebrate your birthday and let you be the dream again, youthful enthusiasm, good humor and faith in the better!

Today we welcome the birthday person of remarkable mental qualities, a man in a big, warm heart is for each of us found a place. We - friends, colleagues, relatives and loved now, these charming holiday moments, we want to wish the hero for the day long, happy and prosperous life!

What is courage? In effect, strength of spirit, generosity, wisdom, friendliness and hospitality, lightweight nature and the ability to truly love loved ones! Today we welcome the birthday of the brave man and we wish him a very happy happiness to all his many years and every day!

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