Universal greeting birthday

Universal greeting birthday


On the day of 18th anniversary
I want to wish all the desires and dreams always come true, and I will try to help you in this, because you - not the woman you are - an angel! And remember, if something does not work, then we, as they say, just buy it!
I congratulate you on your 17th birthday
I congratulate you on your 17th birthday! Now you are entering perhaps the most beautiful time in human life - is adolescence, when children's spontaneity and a keen perception of life has not gone completely, and the adult's ability to evaluate and appreciate some things are beginning to emerge. And this beautiful combination of small (so far) experiences and children's enthusiasm, sincerity and called adolescence. I know that at this age want to become more adult, but I beg you, do not rush.
Believe me, it may take ten or twenty years, and you will remember it this time as one of the happiest in my life. Even trouble, if you have the will to give up romantic adventures and referred with light nostalgic smile.
But in fact, remember - in every age has its own charm, and I wish you:
To thy youth, all sparkling, glistening,
A youth that loved sighed.
Maturity flowed flowing river,
A healthy old age and was quiet!
(Although this still early)

On this day we welcome our beautiful birthday girl!
In your '19 would like to wish: the sky, good luck, success, tender happiness! Let fulfilled that conceived! Let your beauty shine brighter every day!

It is said that angels protect a person under 40 years of age. I wish that your guardian angel on your 35th anniversary gave so much wisdom, luck and fortune to be enough for 100 happiest years of your life!

In the usual birthday
We wish you have good health, happiness and success. But since this is not a normal day, and your 16-year anniversary, we wish you health unseen, unheard incredible happiness and success!

Road birthday!
You thirty-five. This date mark only once in a lifetime. You - a young, beautiful, energetic. You have a lot more to come, and we are confident that you will reach unprecedented heights. We do not stop to admire your youth, kindness, professionalism and warmth that you radiate. We warmly and sincerely wish you to be as beautiful and gentle, get more pleasure from communicating with family and friends, to meet with each new day, combine the care of home and family and children with active professional activities. Be charming, attractive and favorite!
You know, looking at you,
I doubt that it rightfully belongs to Aphrodite the goddess of beauty title. You just charming, stay always so stunning beautiful! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! With the 19-year anniversary!

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