Happy birthday sweetheart sms

Happy birthday sweetheart sms


Happy Birthday to you welcome! Health, happiness wish. And that you lived for many years
No tears, no sorrow, no troubles!

Today is your day, angel, love,. I am in awe at heart I want to wish you. May God grant you good health, let your fire lies only peace, warmed with happiness, joy, love! And I want you to bow to give these beautiful roses.

My dear! A real man is different from the useless fact that he had said, and many do. So I will not give you a beautiful promise. And just say I love you more than life! Happy Birthday!

My affectionate, gentle, beautiful, unique, strong, wonderful, passionate, charming, kind, unusual, soft, caring, honest, sweet, loyal, charming, generous, warm, compelling, intelligent, charming, and most importantly - loved, happy Birthday to you!

I was looking for long words, phrases, and went through a bunch of suggestions, but they lose their meaning when I see you ... I miss the air and I'm drowning in your eyes ... I'm melting on your smile ... I catch your every move . And all I want to wish you - it's just such Remain what you are, my unique and miracle! Happy birthday, babe!

Today is sunny and bright - the day of the birth of a beautiful woman! I hasten to congratulate you, my sweet, and wish to be successful cases to look at things realistically, do not dream of stupidity, not waste time on trifles! Remember always cherished three words: I love you!

Happy birthday, my most precious treasure in the world! Know that my love for you is like a fire that can not get to go out any storm in our crazy world that you will always be warm gentle warm my soul and make your life beautiful. All you need to do this - that my love was mutual ...

Hello! On your birthday you came to the SMS, who asked you to pass many tenderest kisses! :)

Nice, now I do not have with you there, but do not worry! My thoughts are always with you! I wish you a happy birthday and I wish to celebrate this fun holiday. Let now gather your closest people, give many gifts and make this day unforgettable wonderful!

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