Birthday wish for my dad

Birthday wish for my dad


Dear Daddy, that's it your Anniversary date you round. Many heavy road you had to go, there were losses and findings. But do not worry, because there were many good and smiles for visitors sorry. We wish to live their years in serenity and happiness.

Do not worry beloved friend that you caught up, like us, the golden age of that miss, the former no return. I congratulate you on such a significant event in your life and I wish many more ideas and achievements in life. Happy anniversary you!

My dear aunt! Today you - Jubilee, 70 years. I do not want to think about age, because I think it is even indecent, so that you do not have the concept of age! You - an interesting conversationalist, a wonderful mother, and as my aunt - just wonderful! I'm just very lucky that I have you!
With all my heart I wish you courage, optimism and good health! Seeing the joy in every day and never get upset, especially over nothing!

Daddy, my dear, Happy Birthday! I want to wish you good health, understanding at work and at home, success always and everywhere! And remember, 40 years of life is just beginning ?.

Dad. We're very similar, and I love you very much. You were with us the strongest, wisest and most beautiful. We are behind you, like a stone wall. Daddy Know that you have a stronghold for love, faith and hope. Happy Birthday to you.

You're very kind, intelligent, just, you're the best dad. Please always the same kind and gentle. Let our family ship, steering wheel which you shall hold in his hands, was able to overcome all the storms and troubles on the way. Happy Birthday to you.

Dear Dad, I congratulate you on holiday, Happy Birthday! In difficult times I can always count on your help and support! You are always glad to my success, and I promise that I will not disappoint you.

Dear Daddy, I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and I wish you, peace on earth, bread and salt on the table, and that health was strong and never let that knocked joy in the house in the morning, afternoon and evening. Forget about old age - it so far, and more joy, let your life very easy.

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